Exhibitions - Departures (Okuribito)

Sainsbury Wing Theatre

  Date: 09.04.2011 - 09.04.2011

Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film of the year, 'Departures' is a delightful and sensitive journey into the heartland of Japan, and an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan's cultural heritage.


A premier symphony orchestra in Tokyo disbands, leaving Daigo Kobayashi (Masahiro Motoki) suddenly unemployed; spotting a Help Wanted ad featuring the word ‘departures’, he is excited about the prospect of trying a new career in the travel industry.


The company owner, Sasaki (Tsutomu Yamazaki), hires him on the spot, with only a cursory glance at his resume. Daigo finally ventures to ask what exactly is involved, and is stunned to learn what he has got himself into: the ceremonial ‘encoffination’ of corpses prior to cremation.


A story of love, of discovery, of revelation and of the transcending human spirit, Departures will linger in your heart and mind long after viewing.


Film Short Thumb DogShort: 'Dog', Suzie Templeton, 2001, 5 mins.

A heart-breaking and chilling film about a boy coming to terms with the death of his mother. This film has won many of the animation world’s top prizes, including a British Animation Award and a BAFTA.