Exhibitions - Picasso

Kunsthaus Zürich

  Date: 15.10.2010 - 30.01.2011

Pablo Picasso's first-ever museum retrospective was mounted in Zurich, from September to November 1932 at the Kunsthaus and curated by the artist himself. It was a signal moment in the history of modern art, a oneof-a-kind event that is now looked upon as a milestone in the annals of the exhibitions shown at the Kunsthaus Zürich and is being revived during the museum's centenary year in homage to that remarkable show.

The 2010 exhibition will feature some 70 of the major works chosen by the artist in 1932 as it seeks to reconstruct his retrospective presentation of his own oeuvre. It will be accompanied by a catalogue that traces the history of the exhibition, its influence on Picasso's reception and the controversy surrounding him at the time, and its exemplary significance for the relationship among artists, art dealers, museums and cultural institutions from the early 20th century to the present day. Thanks to the support of the leading collections and private lenders in Europe, the USA and Japan, the Kunsthaus show promises to be a high point of its centenary year.